Monday, January 17, 2011

Tim Lee 3 Adds

Those who are music fanatics know Mr.Lee, however,those who are somewhat more normal may be unfamiliar with Tim Lee. Regular CAR listeners know that Windbreakers and Tim Lee stuff appears regularly in the playlist. Tim is cut from the same mafia as Mitch Easter & Chris Stamey and his creations were sorely missed during his hiatus for a few years. The Concrete Dog record was great and the new double album is well worth an addition to your "want" list. Really your "need" list!

I recently added 10 tracks from the Raucous Americanus two fer. They are What I Have Not Got, Bigger, Broken Line Fever, Bullets In The Barn, Salty Tears, Kerosene/Matches, 1,000 Miles, Left Behind, Long Way To The Ground & Shipwreck. Enjoy and support live music - especially the Tim Lee 3 if they come to your Burgh.

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